Essential Chess Endgames with IM Anna Rudolf

Struggling in the endgame? 🤔 IM Anna Rudolf is here to teach you the endgame knowledge you absolutely must know if you want to get better at chess. Get instant access with 50% off. ►

Most club players hate endgames. With a clenched fist in the air, they’ll wail and shout that it’s much more fun to just line up their pieces, sac one of them, and deliver a brutal checkmate as a roaring crowd cheer them on…

…better than grinding out a tiring 60 move endgame win.

But what if this dream checkmate doesn’t happen and their opponent manages to wriggle out of trouble? The pain of a feeble, unskilled handling of the resulting endgame, a win turned into a draw, or a draw turned into a loss… will be AGONIZING.

But not for you. IM Anna Rudolf’s new course makes things simple for you! Anna sheds light on the endgames every serious chess player absolutely must know.

…and in mastering these techniques, you’ll soon be converting fundamental endgames with a well-practised mastery.

This video is an exclusive free preview of Anna’s Essential Endgames. Anna gives an overview of what she covers in the full course, and then goes into how to checkmate with 2 bishops.

Whether you love or hate endgames, serious chess players need this endgame knowledge in order to improve… and Anna’s Essential Endgames Course is the simplest way to cram the ideas into your brain and begin using them immediately.

This is the strong endgame foundation you need and will support you for the rest of your chess playing life. Your path to endgame mastery has begun…

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